On Line Galleries - Tribal Art

Galleries marked P publish the prices of all or most artworks on line.

P www.africadirect.com Beadwork, Africa, Asia (Eliza Bennett, Sara Luther)

www.asianart.com Asia (Thomas Murray)

www.axisgallery.com Beadwork, Africa (Gary van Wyk)

P www.bcgalleries.com.au Oceania, Africa. Asia (Frank Bottaro)

www.chrisboylan-oceanicart.com Oceania (Chris Boylan)

www.ezakwantu.com African art, beadwork (Ken Karner)

www.glallerie-meyer-oceanic-art.com Oceania (Anthony Meyer)

P www.holgerbraun.com (Holger braun)

P www.michaelhamson.com Oceania (Michael Hamson)

P www.newguineaart.com Oceania (Joe Maierhauser)

P www.newguineatribalart.com Kauri Tribal Art, Ocenia (Koos Knoll)

www.oceanicartsaustralia.com Oceania (Todd Barlin)

www.spearchuckasart.com Oceania and Aboriginal (Arthur Beau Palmer)

www.tribalcollective.com Oceania (Angel Bottaro & Joel Gauvin)

P www.tribalmania.com Oceania. South East Asia (Mike Auliso)

P www.zkta.com Oceania, Africa. S East Asia (Zena Kruzick)

www.adireafricantextiles.com U. K. (Duncan Clarke)

www.galerieflak.com Paris (Julien Flak)

www.voyageursetcurieux.com Paris (Jean Eduard Carlier)

www.galleryderoche.com Califoria (Dave DeRoche)

P www.randtribal.com (Paul Rand)

www.francois-de-st-jacques.eu Netherlands (Jaques Joosten)

www.tookalook.com Canada (Marc Assayag)

www.andresmoragatextileart.com San Franscisco (Andreas Moraga)

P www.hamillgallery.com Tim Hamill, African Art

P www.randtribal.com African specialist + Pacific

www.tribalmania.com Mike Auliso, worldwide art + articles

P www.tribalartfinder.com Piet Lepellar. Worldwide tribal art

Recommended links for Oceanic art in Australia and New Zealand

The Oceanic Art Society - www.oceanicartsociety.org.au
Sydney-based, but worldwide in its membership, OAS exists to promote the appreciation and understanding of Oceanic art. OAS is a non-profit orgnisation which holds regular meetings in Sydney and has organised exhibitions, published books and held courses. The OAS newsletter is published five times each year and provides full reports of presentations made at meetings, as well as interesting articles on Oceanic art and reviews of current books and exhibitions. Anyone can join OAS – see the Web site for details.

The Australian Museum - www.austmus.gov.au
Sydney's largest museum is the guardian of the southern hemisphere's biggest collection of Oceanic art and artifacts (more than 6,000 objects). The Museum's collection strength lies in the depth of its 19th century and early 20th century Melanesian holdings. The Museum recently appointed a new Director, Frank Howarth, who sees the Anthropology collection as a real strength for the Museum and is committed to putting more of it on display in the future.

The Macleay Musuem, University of Sydney - www.usyd.edu.au/su/macleay/welcome.htm
Sydney's best kept secret. A delightful small musuem with an important 19th century collection of artefacts, mostly from the Torres Straits. The Solomons, New Hebrides, Bismarks and Fiji. Only open during office hours, but well worth a visit.

The South Australian Museum, Adelaide - www.samuseum.sa.gov.au
The biggest display of Oceanic art in Australia and a superb new Aboriginal wing make this museum a must for visitors.

The Melbourne Museum - www.melbourne.museum.vic.gov.au
Absolutely outstanding Aboriginal art presentation based on the collecting of pioneer curator Baldwin Spencer. Small, but excellent, display of Oceanic canoe art.

Auckland Museum, New Zealand - www.aucklandmuseum.com
The classic Oceanic museum. A large and magnificent permanent display that covers the whole of Oceania, plus a superb Maori hall which includes a complete war canoe. A must if you are visiting the Southern hemisphere.

Te Papa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand - www.tepapa.gov.nz
This exciting and innovative national musuem has a superb display of Maori art and plenty of Oceanic art on display too, particularly strong in Marquesan artefacts.

The National Gallery o f Vicoria. Melbourne - www.ngv.vic.gov.au
Melbopurne's redesigned Natioanl Gallery has a opurpose designed permanent exhibition space for Oceanic Art and

Online services

Green Billing - www.greenbilling.biz
Green Billing is an internet services consultant, helping companies to maximise their online impact.

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra - http://nga.gov.au
The National Gallery has recommitted itself to its Oceanci Art collections and is building them up in both size and quality. There is a permanent gallery of Pacific Art on display and special exhibitions are displayed. The Gallery also has a very fine South east Asian section.