19th Century Zulu coiled roll neckband (umbijo) (ZAS)

This beading technique, where the threaded beads were wrapped around a coil of tightly tied grass or cloth, is called “umbujo “.This style of neck and waist decoration became popular after 1850, though the dominance of white in this example would seem to indicate a late 19th or early 20th century provenance. (In earlier times red was usually the preferred colour, while according to Bryant*, equally balanced black and white geometric patterns were also popular at the Royal court in the time of Dingane). The last jpeg shows a selection of coil bands form th esame period in “South East African Beadwork” by Stevenson and Graham-Stewart.(See item #ZAR). Length 44 CM / 17 ˝ INCHES

References: Bryant: The Zulu People as they were before the white man came”, Shuter, 1967. “South East African Beadwork” by Stevenson and Graham-Stewart, Fernwood, Cape Town, 2000,

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