Rare Serue beaded apron, Geevink Bay. (WWR)

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These dance aprons from the Yapen Island on Geelvink or Cinderwaasih Bay on the northern tip of New Guinea have always fascinated me. They are one of the very few large glass bead objects that are manufactured in New Guinea, and they are worn by both men and women on ceremonial occasions. The aprons, which are called other family as part of the formal exchange of valuables that accompanies a traditional marriage, after which they would become family heirlooms. The aprons, which are always finished with a heavy fringe of torn strips of trade cloth are always beautifully beaded and come in an amazing variety of sizes, colours and patterns which would have meaning for their makers Size of beaded area 53 x 43 cm / 21 � 17 � inches, width of torn cloth fringe 8 cm /3 inches on the sides, 20 cm / 8 inches on the three corners. Please note on small tear and a dozen missing beads near one top corner � fair wear and tear for a large beaded piece that has been used on ceremonial occasions.
For further information on these aprons, please consul t my blog post on serue on this website at: http://www.tribalartbrokers.net/mybeadyeye/?p=220

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