Superb old Kutchi beaded belt with coins. (WWN)

It is , of course, from the nomadic gypsy Kutch tribes of India and Pakistan that the term “hoochie koochie dancer” is derived. Kutch women were professional dancers of great skill . As dancers, their costumes were of prime importance and glittered and mover to emphasise the sway of the hips. Furthermore, like many tribal peoples the Kutch liked to wear their wealth – either as silver jewellery or as coins soldered to rings and sewn onto clothes like sequins. This large and superb belt or belt piece includes a row of silver studs and a row of 26 low denomination silver coins to set off the elaborate beadwork. (The half dozen newer coins are old Indian 25 paise pieces, the rest which are slightly smaller, are so old the dates have worn away Size 78 x 11 cm /30 ¾ x 4 ½ inches.

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