Old and used Ndebele cache sex, iGabe (SAX)

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This is a large igabe cache sexe made to ensure the modesty of a young woman of marriageable age. As usual, the thick string fringe is weighed down by white beads at the bottom for modesty�s sake. The narrow, rectangular beaded panel at the top that hides the attachment of the stringn is a standard feature, but the extra beaded modestly panel below is an unusual extra. (As you can see in n the photo which has the modesty panel folded back, it is attached at the top two corners only - and note also the lighter colour of the top of the strings which would have been protected by it.

This is a very 1960s style � the dark green, purple and black colours and abstract geometric designs are absolutely typical . It is also built on a fake leather backing rather than the usual canvass or hide. Size 24 x 27 cm/10� x 10� inches.

Note: The fringed iGabe is worn as a sole nether garment by young girls (I have seen tiny ones made for toddlers). In the 2oth century, as the child became older, the iGabe was covered by a short black trade cloth �skating� skirt called iSkotch (Scots) , introduced by the Scottish Presbyterian missionaries. Later, when the girl reached puberty, this was replaced by the isiPhephetu, the small rectangular beaded skirt that indicated readiness for marriage � but I believe the iGabe only ceased to be worn after marriage, when the long fore and aft aprons of a married woman were put on.

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