Old Sidamo tribe beaded leather pendant, Ethiopia (NAN)

The handsome, dark skinned Sidamo people of the Ethiopian uplands love to adorn themselves with beads. One of the classic forms of beaded necklace from this region are these heavy pendant necklaces on a leather base with a many strands of glass beads attached and fringing them. They usually have antique buttons as a central decoration. This well worn example dates to around 1960. The central beaded pendant is 9 x 6 cm/ 3 x 2 inches and the length of the beaded fringe is 10 cm/ 4 inches . Please note: I think the most of the single large beads near the end of each fringe the fringe are plastic, as large glass beads of this size have not been available since WW11. One or two of the fringes are broken short.

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