Rare Maasai elmoran’s sword belt, double vee design. Old and used. (NAB)

A rare example which incoroprates two vee-shapped beaded tabs at the centre insteasd of the usual single tab. It is worn tight around the waist, with the two points pointing down
Young Maasai men who have been initiated must live apart as an age corps and serve the tribe as Elmoran or cattle guardasand warriors for several years before they are permitted to marry. As a sign of his status every Maasai Elmoran carries a short sworn or long knife in a leather sheath which is suspended from this belt. The belt would be made by the young Elmoran’s mother. It is a nice old piece of some age, as can be seen by the wear to the threads on the leather side.Length 69 cm / 27 inches. Double vee tab 10.5 x 9.5 cm / 4 x 1/˝inches.

Price: 360.00 AUD
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