Superb old Middle Sepik spear thrower circa 1950. Collected by Barry Hoare. (WYE)

This is an excellent old Middle Sepik spear thrower with a very well carved hornbillas a spear rest ornament, fine bindings and a good patina.

The spear thrower was held at shoulder height parallel to the ground, with the shaft of the spear fitting into the groove of the bamboo and the butt resting on the ornament.

The spearman could then put all the force of his back and shoulder muscles behind the spear, instead of using only the arm muscles.

Length of spear thrower 89 cm / 35 inches, length of bird ornament 19 cm / 7 inches

This spear thrower was collected by Barry Hoare, a well known PNG art dealer who had a gallery in Madang in the 1060s and 1970s.

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