1930s stone headed axe, Ramu river,PNG (WSU)

This old example features a sightly oval pierced stone disk on a wooden haft, fixed with a wedge and secured above and below by wovencollars. It was part of a collection of three clubs which are closely aligned to examples in the Australain Musuem knoiwn to have been collected in the 1930s and acquired in the 1940s inth eRamu area (these clubs are also associated with the Bena bena people wjho live slightly higher up the mountain and may have made and traded them downhill). The stone head has a n irregular dark lien running across it, and whether this is a a natural mineral inclusion, a stable hairline crack or even an incredibly skilful repair I cannot tell – but it does not detract from thr aesthetics of the weapon. Length of club,84 cm /33 inches. Diameter of head 12.5 cm /5 inches

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