Old parrying club or “Qauata” from San Christobal, Solomon Islands (WRK)

These iconic weapons, called quata in the local language, are used as a fighting club and shield – striking the opponent as a club, while deflecting spears and arrows with the broad curved blade as a shield. They were also used during ritual battles well into the 1960s. The W motif at the base of the blade has two interpretations. It is commonly said to represent a frigate bird – an aggressive male symbol since the frigate bird pirates other bird’s fish, but it has also been interpreted as the gaping mouth of a predatory fish, which would make the whole blade a symbol of a fish. Because of the way they were used, it is almost impossible to find an older example with the blade intact ,unless it was made as a curio. This well used example is early 20th century, possibly 1940s. Because of the way they were used, it is vary rare to find an older example which has not sustained some damage to the blade area. This one has an old glued crack on the blade, but is otherwise in good condition. Length of handle 102 cm /40 inches, blade around the outer curve 64 cm /25 inches.
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