Rare Mossi fighting axe, Burkina Fasso (Upper Volta) (WRF)

An old Mossi fighting axe with a crescent blade hafted to a long wooden handle. The tangs of the blade pierce the handle and are beaten over before covering the hafted area with a rawhide binding. Blade 18 x 13 cm / 6 x 5 inches. Handle 99 cm / 38 inches. This style is very typical of the Western regions of Togo and Burkina Fasso.

Please note: some evidence of old corrosion and pitting on the village-forged soft metal blade.

Ref:Pages41/ 42, illustrations 50 and 51, Widstrand, Carl G, African Axes, 1958 (Stud. Ethn.Upsal. XV).

Price: 330.00 AUD
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