Superb old S.E. Asian basketry quiver. (WQF)

This elegant old quiver to hold the arrows for a long or recurved bow was made to be worn on the back, so that the archer could reach over his shoulder for a new arrow. I would estimate to be around 50 – 80 years old. It consists of a woven rattan or cane tube woven ina definiti e checkerboard pattern ornamented with traces of red pigment. It swells out to a bell-shaped mouth about three quarters of the way up to allow the archer’s hand to be inserted for an arrow, and this section is covered with thin hide which has a glossy old patina. The loops for the attachment of the back strap are missing, but you can see the attachment points, one just below the bell and one in a rawhide band about a third of the way up the body. The bulbous lid is woven basketry covered with hide and attached by a rattan string and there is a loop of old cloth near the rim of the quiver which would enable it to be hung on a peg inside a house. The bottom is sealed with thicker rawhide. The diameter of the tube is 71/2 cm / 3 inches, the diameter of the bell mouth is 13 cm 5 ¼ inches, and the length of the object is 94 cm / 39 inches.
I have no idea where this quiver was made – it might even be African, though looking at the rattan work I feel it is definitely South East Asian or North Indian, possibly from one of the Indonesian archipelagos. (Although of course you can rule out anywhere where they hunt with blowguns - the darts would be too short to fit this quiver). If anyone can identify the country of origin , please let me know.
Important – please note, I have forced the exposure on these photographs in the hope that a darker and brighter colour pattern would aid identification. In real life the colours are much duller and lighter.

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