Six superb arrows with ornately decorated and bound shafts, PNG Eastern Highands (VSQ)

Many of these old hunting and war arrows are impressive works of art in their own right and feature elaborate carving and bindings

From the top: Four elaborately carved wooden war or hunting arrowheads bound with yellow wild orchid stem at the points, three with straight heads and one with elaborately carved, painted and bound three prong trident arrow for shooting birds or small reptiles, all made by the Kafe-speaking people of the Hanganofe District, PNG Eastern Highlands. PNG.

The three prong head would have had to be cut at the tip to spread the prongs like a trident, and it is possible that the tips of the other three would also have been removed before use, unless the binding helped to hold the arrow more firmly in the victim’s flesh?

Two elaborately a bound arrows with short thorn spikes, and burnt in patterns along the length of the reed, made by the Kainantu speaking people of Mount Hagen Dsitrict, PNG Eastern Highlands

Arrow lengths range from 117 – 133 cm / 46 – 52 ˝ inches.

Reference: Arrows of Melanesia, A Neglected Art Form, by David Skinner, page 80, Tribal arts Magazine, Summer 2000.

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