A fine model of a Nukuoro sailing canoe, Caroline Islands, Micronesia (VAB)

My thanks to Pacific canoe enthusiast Terry Rutkas who identified this canoe as originating in Nukuoro, an atoll in what used to be called the Caroline Islands, which are now part of the state of Pohnpei in the modern Federated States of Micronesia.
These single masted outrigger canoes skim across vast miles of ocean so efficiently, they were popularly called “flying proas” by European sailors and settlers in the early 20th century.
Micronesia is a world of water, scattered with thousands of small islands, atolls and archipelagos, and it was the last place in the world where the traditional arts of sailing and navigating outrigger canoes survived.
The sail is the typical Micronesian woven reed triangular lateen sail. The sail must always be windward of the single outrigger float , since the wind in the sail cannot easily lift the float out of the water .(If it was mounted to leeward, the wind could easily capsize the boat). This type of outrigger canoe is sometimes called a shunting canoe, since it sails equally well in either direction, but cannot come about like a modern yacht,
This example is extremely well carved and finished and has its own sail, bailer, mast footing block and steering oar or rudder. Length 81 cm /32 inches.

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