1940s kundu drum, fine patina and superb deep tone. East Sepik Province (SWM)

A fine Kundu Drum an intact water reptile skin membrane attached to the head with natural gum & resin. It has a beautiful abstract carved pattern on the lower lobe ehich has been highlighted with red trade paint. The well worn handle is shaped as an abstract reptile head at each end, and is pierced for a carrying string. These drums are made by hollowing out as solid log out by placing hot coals inside the centre of the and when burnt sufficientlty,
scraping out the ashes before carefully shaping the classic waisted shape of the exterior with a hand adze and carving the pattern. Kundu drums accompany dances and can be played either by the dancers themselves or other musicians. The drum is held by the handle and struck with the other hand. Length: 68 cm (26-3/4"), diameter of head 15 cm . diameter of base 20 cm , length of handle 30cm.

Price: 450.00 AUD
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