Rare, ornate Middle Sepik lime tube for a man of status. (SJA)

This one off piece is one of the most elaborately decorated Iatmul lime containers I have ever seen. It has a collar held in place by the bone lime spike that consists of 11 decorative drops wh,ich have been finger-woven from hand rolled bush twine and covered with small, ground down nassa fresh water snail shells. Eight of these drops are decorated with hand-ground conus shell money discs finished with an old Western button, while the remaining three have reptile tail vertebrae attached.
The basics of this elaborate old lime container are absolutely typical. The tube itself is a length bamboo with an old patina, incised with burned in curvilinear designs. It is closed off naturally at both ends by the nodes of the bamboo, with a small hole drilled through the closure at the to admit a lime spatula carved from a cassowary leg bone.
Height: 36 cm/ 14 inches

Price: 950.00 AUD
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