Rare Micronesian hand woven womanís palm fiber skirt and manís loin cloth from Pulawat, circa 1960. Micronesia (MPW)

A fine example of a hand loomed womenís skirt woven in pandanus leaf fiber by the women of Pulawat Island in Micronesia, together with a manís lavalava or lion cloth hand woven on the same type of loom in cotton. (The prototype back loom was apparently introduced by Indonesian traders centuries ago).Enlarged jpeg #4 shows two girls from Pulawat wearing these skirts, which are traditionally belted with a woven belt of fibre and turtle shell. The pattern in the skirt is formed by dyed leaf fibre threads at each end, with a vertical coloured panel at each side and one down the centre. These vertical panels are further enhanced by a narrow band of red, white and blue cotton threads which are also used as a selvedge. The womanís skirt is in near perfect condition and has probably not been worn. The manís lavalava does show signs of wear Ė some fading and one small hole (probably caught on a nail). Dimensions: woman;s skirt 203 x 48 cm / 80 x 19 inches, including fringe, manís lavalava 176 x 52 cm / 69 Ĺ x 28 Ĺ inches, including fringe.

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