A fine two lobed bowl, Totoya Island, Fiji. (MNG)

A fine two lobed bowl, Totoya Island, Fiji.

This beautifully carved bowl consists of two lobes joined by an ornate handle. It was possibly carved to serve a man of status, with the larger bowl for the basic dish and the smaller containing a sauce to dip it into. Overall width 32 cm / 12 inches, larger bowl diameter 18.5 cm / 7 inches, smaller bowl diameter cm / 3 inches.

Totoya in the Lau Group is one of the most remote outer islands of Fiji, and some academics believe that its art has been influenced by that of neighboring Tonga. (Both Fiji and Samoa were historically vassal states belonging to Tonga).

Provenance: Field collected by Professor Richard Hargreave, an American academic now permanently resident in Fiji..

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