A rare and elaborate 1950s Kwoma dance head dress (JBE)

This impressive head ornament has a base of hand rolled and knotted sennit fibre sewn with hundreds of ground nassa snail shells. The design consists of a three cornered base which covers both ears and hangs down the neck, where it ends in a curved shell segment. There is a large crest of shells at the top , running from front to back, with smaller crests on either side. Therew weree attachment strigns at the end of th eear tips to tie it firmly under the chin.

The Kwoma are masters of this category of personal adornment - skillled knitters and knitters and keen to earn status buy making and wearing a unique and oomplex body ornament.

Dimensions: The triangular base measures 47 cm / 18.5 iches frpom ear to ear, and 40 cm / 16 inches, from the forehead to the end of the neck piece. The central crest covers 13 cm / 5 inches and is 8 cm /3 inches tall.

Condition: This is an old and well used piece. There has been some loss of nassa shells on the 3 cresta due to normal wear and tear.

Price: 1200.00 AUD
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