Two superb Maasai beaded snuff bottle necklaces, (JBB)

These two snuff necklaces are very different, yet each is absolutley Maasai.

The example on the right is a classic and perfect little beaded snuff calabash with a wooden stopper, held in a beaded cradle and attached to a 3-strand necklace ,with additional metal discs all along its length., height of gourd 9 cm / 3 1/2 inches

The example, on the left demonstrates the Maasai genius for turning the white mans trash into treasure. It is a small brown plastic bottle, probably from a complimentary toiletries set provided for tourists by an airline or hotel which has attached to a superbly beaded 5-strand necklace to create a unique form of snuff bottle. Height of bottle and cap 7cm / 3 inches.

Price: 460.00 AUD
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