Old and used Azigho mask of the Ekpo Society , circa 1950, Benin Nigeria (HIK)

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The Azigho is the classic Ekpo Society masks danced in ceremonial masquerades. It is a flat faced, mainly white mask with horns above, a pouting mouth and narrow, slanting eyes, with the rim pierced for the attachment of the glass costume that hides the dancer's body.

This is an old and danced example, as can be seen from the patina of the inside of the mask, and the wear and loss of some of the pigments on the front of the mask. Dimensions: 33 x 10 x 15 cm/13 x 4 x 6 inches. Sold on a custom made metal stand.

The Ekpo is the great regulator of Edo community life and there is an Ekpo society even in remote hamlets, charged with the responsibility of enforcing local mores and custom, placating the ancestors and controlling anti social forces in the village

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