Three bamboo Pau flutes, Ranon Village, North Ambrym (FIS)

The best incised and painted pau or two hole bamboo flutes in Vanuatu are said to come form Ambrym and the village of Ranon in North Ambrym is locally famous for them. Each flute is beautifully decorated and there are dozens of designs based on birds, anmimals,. humans. flowers, insects and cultural symbols. These three each feature a different design. The middle fliute possibly represents an abstract human face, while the simple zig-zag at teh bottom is one of the oldest,and was recorded by Felix Speiser at the end of the 19th century. Lengths - 72 , 66 and 60cm / 28 1/4, 36 and 23 1/2 inches.
Note that each flute has two holes at the bottom and a vee-shaped notch at the top. The player holds the flute and arms length with his fingers over the holes, places his lower lip along one side of the vee and blows. I am no musician, but even I can get at least one clear and surprisingly clear note out of each of these flutes.

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