Bone betel nut pestle and mortar, fine honey patina, West Timor. (DUE)

A good old pestle and mortar circa 1960. The handle of the pestle is carved in solid bone with an old screwdriver as a blade, whilst the mortar is a segment of bone blocked at one end with a wooden plug. The bone sections have an excellent honey-coloured patina overall. The animist peoples of the West Timor highlands, such as the Atoni, are inveterate betel chewers, and this is their version of the “pelacok” of the Sumba archipelago– a metal blade with a handle used to crush betel in a mortar by older chewers who’s teeth can no longer cope with the hard areca nuts. Dimensions: Pestle 15 cm /6 inches, mortar 8 cm /3 ¼ inches.

Price: 220.00 AUD
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