Dayak piso raut, a short bladed knife for a mandau scabbard. (DON)

The piso raut was a standard feature on most Iban and Kenyan mandau swords a general utility knife, used for anything from splitting rattan to wood carving and, it was said, removing the flesh from freshly taken heads.
It is a long handled knife with short, single edge blade which was housed in a bark scabbard that was attached to the main scabbard with rattan. The terminals of the handles these knives were often decorated. This example, which is Iban, has a terminal featuring a stylised aso dragon head above a crouching figure.

Dimensions: handle 36 cm /14 inches; blade 11 cm /4 inches.(If you are seeking a replacement knife for your mandau sheath, please send me accurate measurments and I will see if this one will fit)

Price: 400.00 AUD
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