Old and used 1950s Dayak beaded sirih basket for betel nut. (DMA)

This beaded container was made to hold betel nuts, pepper leaves and crushed lime, the three components of a mildly narcotic betel nut chew , and would have been ceremonially handed around to visitors and family members on important social occasions. It is a status piece designed to show off the creative skills of the wife who created it. This basket, covered in red fabric and beaded and decorated with red cotton tassels, was made by a Kayan or Kenyan beader, since these are the only two Dayak tribes who use beads in place of of rattan or cotton weaving to create women\\\'s art. The black, white, red and yellow beadwork is superb, and it is clear from the faded and dirty condition of the fabric lining that this object was in use for many years. Size: Height 9 cm / 3 1/2 inches, diameter 20 cm / 8 inches

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