Two antiqie Tiba tobacco and betel nut boxes, Atoni people, West Timor (DKE)

This style of container is called a Tiba in the Atoni language. It is a short bamboo container with a tight fitting lid used to store and carry the day's supply of ingredients for betel nut chews or quids. These consist of the betel nut (fruit of a palm), the wild pepper leaf and the tobacco that accompanies the lime powder which is carried in a separate contianer.

The shorter of these two old and well used containers (on the left) is beautifully patinated and decorated with a fine rattan band woven around the waist and the top of the lid, which is attached by a string. Height 9 cm / 3 1/2 inches.

The longer contianer on the right is decorated with fine geometric patterns and also has a a very good old patina. Height 13 cm / 5 inches.

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