Two old lime containers for betel nut chewing, West Timor (DKC)

Both of these pieces are beautifully made and very hard to find nowadays– betel chewers today ust use a discarded plastic bottle or other container as a holder for their lime.
The slender bamboo tube on the left was produced by a master craftsman as it is much longer than usually found, and much narrower, so more difficult to carve. Length 17 cm /6 1/2 inches, diameter 2cm cm / 3/4 inch. It is decorated with intricate geometric kaif, which are diagrams commemorating the woner;s personal and clan lineage of the owner.

The small lime pot on the right, height qo cm / 4inches,is made from a miniature coconut enclosed in beautiful old decorative basket work base, with a tight fitting hand carved wooden lid and a coconut shell lime spoon attached with a sting to form a carrying handle.

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