Two ani ani Indonesian hand knives for rice harvesting (DAR)

These palm knives, called ani ani in Indonesian, are one of the world�s most primitive agricultural tools and similar objects are found in South America and the Philippines. The knife, a slender body into which a sharp strip of metal is fitted as a blade, has a tapering stick or bamboo segment hand grip across the top. It is held in the palm of the hand between the second and third fingers. with the blade pointing outwards and two fingers curled around each end of the stick. The harvester gathers one or more heads of rice in the free hand and then saws it=the rice heads off the stalk with the blade and drops the seeds into a bag or basket.
These two examples are form different oarts of Indoneisa., The simple rectangular example, with the blade holder very worn, is from Sulawesi, while the slender and ornate abstract bird form is probably form Bali or Java. Both would be at least 50 years old or much older,, though the handles and blades might be replacements

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