Prow of a Trobriands fishing canoe (CPK)

This is the prow section of a small Trobriands fishing canoe which was salvaged after the canoe became unseaworthy and used as a village seat by a man of status (the top has a wonderful patina as a result).It is carved in heavy Quilla hardwood. These small fishing outriggers hug the calmer waters of the coast and lagoons and are not fitted with a splashboard and wave splitter false prow, but every full size kula canoe also has one of these carved prows at either end of the main log, ahead of the wave splitter. This prow is carved with typical Massim designs and elegantly shaped. It was in use as a seat for many years before collection and was probably carved in the 1950s. Length 51 cm / 21 inches.

Price: 450.00 AUD
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