An exceptional Massim canoe baler from a large canoe, encrusted patination (CPD)

A “sugar scoop” bailer of plain, yet elegant form, excellent proportions and and good age. Its large size indicates that it is the bailer of a large sea going canoe. There is an encrusted patina on the inside of th ebailer, while the underneath has faded to a lighter colour through years of immersion in the ilge water at the bottom of the canoe. There are one or two tight surface cracks as woudl expected in a seagoing artefact of this age. It is definitley Massim in origin, though the absence of carved decoration rules against the Trobriands as a source. I beleive it is either from the Milne Bay area on the mainland, or from the
Engineer / Louisades islands groups. Dimensions: 18 ˝ x 8 x 5 inches / 47 x 20 x 13 cm.

Price: 460.00 AUD
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