Extremely rare Massim canoe ornament in the shape of a bird, Utian Island , Lousade Archipelago. (CNL)

These ornaments are exceptionally rare and I have only ever had one before. It portrays a large bird with a prominent crest at the end of a longish arm or base which is attached to the mast and used to tie off the halyard running from the mainsail. The only early record I could find, in Haddon an Hornell, “Canoes of Oceania, ,Vol 2, identifies it as being from Utian (Brooker Island on some maps), inth eLouisades. There is a line drawing (page 250, figure b) which shows a similar attached to the distinctive splashboard of the Louisades (one lobe much bigger than the other), see jpeg 3 in this listing. The caption is “breakwater end-erection (type 2) and a peculiar form of finial, Utian, from a photograph by H O Forbes, 1886”. This is an old, weathered and genuine artefact with remnant pigments on the bird.Dimensions 60 x 20 cm / 23 ˝ x 8 inches. Sold on a custom made stand,

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