An intricately carved paddle blade, Sissano Lagoon, PNG. (CMV)

This is the blade of an old Sissano Lagoon paddle which has been cut down from the long handle � presumably for easy packing! However, the blade is nicely carved and painted and will display well.
I have left the rather long handle segment so the buyer may decide where to cut it for the most dramatic display. Blade cm �/ iches. Pverlal length cm / inches.
Sissano canoes and paddles are renowned for the intricate and colourful decoration, depicting abstract birds, insects and sea creatures. The canoes and paddles are carved and painted by men for their wives, who use the daily to reach their gardens and return with produce. There were only two villages that carved these paddles, Sissano on the coast, and Warapu a little further inland. Sissano has a tragic recent history as it was wiped out by a tsunami in 1998. Length of blade 62 cm /24 � inches, overall length 104 cm/ 41 inches..

Price: 195.00 AUD
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