Old and unique bird form canoe prow, Walomo Village, PNG (CMR)

This is the full size prow piece of one of the elaborately carved traditional fishing canoes of Walamo village, on the PNG-West Papua border. The prow ornament or piu, which is unique to Walamo, always has the traditional Friarbird at its tip because the people of Walomo believe this bird is used by the ancestors as a messenger . (In her book “Canoes of Walamo” Hermione Frankel also states that the Friar Bird , a noisy and inquisitive land bird, gives warning of danger and watches over the canoe. The Piu is always carved as a separate piece and tied between the gunwales and I have included part of one of Frankel’s schematic drawing of the front of a Walamo canoe to show the prow attachment (see large jpegs). The size of this piu is 40 x 26 cm/ 15 ˝ x 10 inches

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