Very tiny, very old hand ground shell beads, Malaita, Solomon Islands (CCM)

Attention tribal money collectors, I have never seen such small size hand pierced and hand ground shell beads before. Each bead is the size of a large pin head and they have a thickness of 1 mm or 10 to the cm, or 24 to the inch as small as the smallest glass seed beads. In the centre there is a small section 6 cm / 2 inches long made up of equally small red shell beads, white and black glass trade beads and one larger shell, which is a typical design for the Maliata area (Guadalcanal). The string, which is approximately 145 cm / 48 inches long, is currently strung on fine fishing line. The beads could simply have been made a high value tribal currency since the very small discs are difficult to make, therefore valuable as currency. Alternatively, the discs might have been salvaged from a very fine and valuable bracelet or belt made for a person of high status.

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