A superb and elaborate fofona pectoral, Eastern Highlands (CAB)

The fafona is a body adornment worn by initiated men of the Bena Bena people of the Eastern Highlands. It is usually worn as a pectoral, but is sometimes worn on the back.or, in the past, clutched in th eteeth whne gign into battle.

The fafona consists of a woven centre piece with a white eggshell cowry attached on either side. Woven tails hang down from this centre section, and all the visible woven elements are usually edged with nassa shells and painted red and blue. The woven backing of the fafona is made form bush twine by women, but the valuable egg cowry shells, the edging of nassa shells and the pigments are applied by men .

This excellent example has four drops, each ending is a round terminal, with an additional row of half drops at the top added for extra fullness, Size 33 x 33 cm / 13 x 13 inches.

Conditions: A few small; nasa shell missing on the two centre drops.

Price: 450.00 AUD
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