Badges of office for a Village Magistrate and a Court Officer, Chimbu, Southern highlands (AHP)

The PNG Highlands only encountered the western world and European law in the 1930s, and the white administration were content to appoint local village officials to preside over complex tribal law relating ot land tenure, compensation for ritual transgressions , or any other issue that did not conflict with modern law. This system persists, even after independence as these old badge sof office show. The older, pinned to a fine, thick twisted chain of blue beads by an old safety pin, is for a Village Magistrate, while the newer. on a long multi strand of black beads, is for his court officer and probably made to imitate the superior officer. The blue beads are particularly fine because the beads themselves have a patina of many years of wear. These are official; PNG government badges of office, both are old and used, and they are numbered on the reverse. Badge diameters 5.5 cm 2 inches.

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