Museum quality Manus shell disk and glass bead belt, Admiralty Islands (AGS)

This rare and beautifully made late 19th or early 20th century object is classifie as a "belt cord" by Sylvia Ohnemus since it is a belt made with multiple cords of shell money disks.
The belt consists of two groups of eight strands of finely made shell money disks which are joined at the ends by a band of red glass beads. The eight strands are intersected at four places by vertical inserts of two white and black or white and red glass beads and the two groups of eight are joined by narrow bands of white, black and red glass beads at each end sand each end has a different pattern. The belt ends in four fibre cords for tying. The beaded section measures 48 x 8 cm / 19 x 3 ¼ inches.
This type of belt is very similar to an example photographed in “An Ethnology of the Admiralty Islanders” by Sylvia Ohnemus ( ref. photo 96, page 87). The book describes the Admiralties collection made by Alfred Bulher for the Basel Musuem in 1931, but in fact, this is one piece that was not collected by him – it was actually traded from the Munich Museum in 1938. Buhler suggests that ths type of belt could be worn by men or women, but was more commonly worn by women

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