Beaded Dayak baby carrier. (ASU)

A traditional Dayak baby carrier made to safely protect the baby, (both spiritually and physically) while it travels on its mother’s back. The Dayak are animists and their world is populated by powerful spirits, many of which are dangerous to humans. The designs of most women’s art are defensive, designed to erect barriers between their families and the malignant spirits. This the baby carrier features a fine glass beadwork panel depicting a central spirit figure which will protect the child against evil spirits, and this is reinforced by an abstract white protective naga or dragon on each side, and two more yellow dragons below. The art of beadwork using small glass seed beads is restricted to only three Dayak tribes, the Kayan, Kenyah and Kajang of central Kalimantan, Borneo, of which the Kayan beadworkers are acknowledged to be the best. The carrier is embellished with trade beads and cowrie shells which may indicate that it was made for a girl baby since these are an almost universal female symbol. The top and the shoulder straps are also beaded. Size : 47 (round the curve) x 38 x 19 cm / 18 ˝ (round the curve) x 14 x 7 ˝ inches.

Price: 320.00 AUD
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