Old beaded lime container, West Timor. (AST)

An old bamboo Timorese lime container for the Meto people of West Timor. It has been covered ion red cloth and fully beaded in traditional geometric pattern, with the lid attached to the body by a beaded chain. This piece is 20 30 years old and well used, as can be seen from the wear to the red cloth covering under the lid and under the tube itself .A fine piece, old and used. Height 9 cm / 3 inches, diameter 5 cm / 2 inches.
The Timorese enjoy the mild narcotic hit of betel nut and it is widely chewed. The tube is intended to hold white lime powder, an essential ingredient for betel chewing since the betel nut must combine with an alkali to release its hit. These beaded lime tubes are a great status symbol.

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