Old hand woven Ikat -covered betel nut basket with beaded trim , West Timor. (ASN)

There are two forms of Timorese bags made for betel ingredients the nut, the leaf, and whatever is added to it, sometimes tobacco. One form is a simple pouch with a handle, often sewn out of hand woven, patterned ikat fabric and sometimes beaded. The second form, which is rarer because it is harder to make, is a rattan tube with a closely fitting lid (similar in shape to the bamboo tubes used for crushed lime - the final ingredient in betel chew). This example, which is about 50 years old, is covered with an extremely fine pattern ikat cloth on the outside and has a trim of old glass beads around the edges and a beaded handle. Height10cm /4 inches, diameter 5 cm /2 inches

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