Rare old shell disc and bead hair decoration, Lisu tribe, Burma (ASF)

The Lisu of the Mayanmar hills are neighbors of the Naga. Their beadwork is as complex and beautiful as Naga adornments, and these days far more likely to be genuine.

This rare hair decoration consist of 13 hand ground antique shell discs fixed to a piece of black trade cloth, with 35 short strings of large red glass beads hanging at the front. The bottom of the strings are joined by a continuous string of white beads and antique hand cast brass beads of a traditional pattern representing seeds.

The hill tribes are excellent metal workers, using the lost wax method to produce many variations of beads and small mask faces. The shell discs and the brass beads on this piece are old, but the object itself was probably sewn in the 1960s. Dimensions: Diameter of discs approx 3 cm / 1 inches, diameter of band 23 cm / 9 inches, length of red beads12 cm / 4 inches, length of brass bead section (when stretched) 46 cm / 18 inches. Please note: three of the 34 brass beads are missing and have been replaced with silver balls.

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