Antique beaded lime tube, Meto people West Timor (ASE)

A fien antique beaded lime tube from the Mteo people of West Timor. The Timorese enjoy the mild narcotic hit of betel nut and it is widely chewed, but the Meto who live in the rugged mountians are the only group who made these ornately beaded lime containers. The tube is intended to hold white lime powder , an essential ingredient for betel chewing, since the betel nut must combine with an alkali to release its hit. These beaded lime tubes are a great Meo status symbol and they are almost all hierlooms and antiques (tat is why they do not come onto the market very often). This tube is not only beaded in old fashioned large beads, but also has decorations on the lid and handle inthe form of aluminium discs and horsehair (one horsehair tuft is missing). Height

Price: 240.00 AUD
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