Old ceremonial beaded cow horn covers, Kutch,india (ASA)

These elaborately beaded horn decorations are part of the old culture of the now vanished kingdom of Saurashtra, site of the present day city of Kutch. They were made to be worn by a sacred cow led in a Hindu procession, or possibly to decorate a bullock pulling the bridal cart. There is a charmoing red and green clot bird perched on the tip of each horn. Beadwork such as this, which dates from the 1960s, is an old traditional craft and was only practiced by woman of the Kathi landowning caste. Each side features royal lions, birds and a tree, interspersed with smal round mirrors and edged with embroidery and sequins. They were obviously only used on very special occasions, as they are in outstanding condition. Length 63 cm / 22 inches.
Reference: “Traditonal Indian Textiles” by Gillow and Barnard

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