Rare small Kalinga soklong woven pillbox hat with shell earpieces (YAC)

The Kalinga soklong headdress was worn as a sign of age and status by young Kalinga dandies who were old enough to take a head and therefore a wife.

These tiny diameter woven rattan pill box hats were secured by means of a string under the chin. This classic example has a diameter of only 11 cm cm/ 4 1/4 inches and a height of 3 cm / 1 1/4 inches. It is decorated with large cut shell ornaments called butterflies attached over each ear and a row of large antique glass beads across the top. There is also a band of red thread around the crown,with earring-like tassels made from seed beads in traditonal Kalinga colors of yellow, white, red and black hanging over the shells, and a border of colored seed beads around the bottom edge.

All the tribes of the Cordillera highlands made these pillbox bachelor hats, but the Bontoc and Igorot versions of the soklong are double the size and ornamented with boar's tusks rather that the shell butterflies. I have actually seen these small Kalinga hats described as children's hats by ignorant people

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