Hmong embroidery Collection, 12 superb old pieces in a box frame.Thailand (SEP)

The Hmong are the best known of the Hill Tribes who have migrated from China into Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Hmong women are famous for the exqusite multi-layered appliques and intricate embroidery that decorates the traditional costumes of men, women and children. This is a collection of 12 old pieces purchased directly from Hmong people in the Chiang Mai area 25 years ago. (Of course, all were already old at the time of purchase). There is a magnificent womans belt at the top of the frame fringed with old bead tassles and coin silver discs, and the waist strip from an old mans jacket at the bottom. In between there are two rows of 5 rectangles which display an incredible range of applique and embroidery talents. (The larger rectangles are pockets, the smaller are sleeve cuffs). The length of the belt with the beaded fringed tassels is 152cm / 60 inches, and the rectangles vary from 19 x 16 cm / 7 x 6 inches to 12 x 9 cm /
4 x 3 inches. The inside measurements of the box frame are 60 x 60 cm / 23 x 23 inches

Price: 650.00 AUD
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