Antique silver mounted Philippines boar tusk, circa 1900. (ESD)

A very fine example of a circa 1900 boars tusk with ornate silver mounting. The tusk itself has a superb, honey-coloured patina and is capped at either end with a silver mount. The mount on the wide end has a small crew cap with a screw top. An ornately chased silver band with a pattern of flowers runs across the tusk from one end to the other and on it is a loose silver seal which slides into position. The tusk is suspended from a fine silver chain attached to a large silver hook chased in the same pattern as the band.
I believe that this is a large Ifugau amulet or status piece which is far superior to the rather crude tusk amulets still worn by this tribe. I purchased it from an elderly American lady who had lived in the Philippines for may year and was selling her things as she was moving int a retirement home. Shje told me that this piece was purchased from an Ifugau headmen. Lengh around the curve of the

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