1940s Ifugao food bowl for a man of the upper classes, Philippines. (ESC)

This beautiful and well used old three-cavity food bowl and signs of extensive use and wear and a very fine grain. Diameter of top of bowl 40 cm/ 15 inches, diameter of base 16.5cm / 6 inches, height 17 cm / 6 inches.
Most ordinary folk ate their rice out of a common bowl or dished out into small, plain personal bowls, but men of high status among the Ifugao eat from these large carved wooden bowls which incorporate a rim wide enough to allow for two smaller bowls for spices or relish at the sides.
The bowls are usually round and carved out of a cross section of a tree trunk, as this one is ,but they are also sometimes carved out of a square section, which would have required a far larger diameter block.
Ref: Fr. Gabriel Casal et al: The People and Art of the Philippines. P 202

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