Dayak crop protection mask in the form of a boar. (DUP)

A very fine and realistic Kayan pig mask that was danced in planting rituals during which the masker is driven off to symbolically protect the crop against raids by real wild boar. (Deer and monkey masks were also danced during these ceremonies for the same purpose). Michael Heppel states that these are possibly the only truly figurative masks made by the Dayak. The mask measures30 x 17 cm / 13 x 7 inches. Please note, this mask has an old village repair.

Robert Vanderstuken, a Belgian-born tribal art dealer and collector, spent 30 years in Indonesia. He supplied several South East Asian pieces to the Barbier Meuller Museum in Geneva. He now lives in Australia.

Ref: . “Masks of Kalimantan”. Michael Heppel, Indonesian Art Society, Melbourne, 1992.

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