Two superb West Timor lime containers carved with ancestral kaif. (DUA)

Fine workmanship from two different carvers of two different clans. The central part of each lime container is made from a section of polished water buffalo horn, with a close fitting wooden base and a wooden stopper carved in the form of a human head. The patterns carved on the horn are called kaif, and are a diagrammatic representation of the carver’s genealogy. Each hook in the pattern represents a person, and the overall design is unique to the clan. These two examples actually come form two different collections and were collected at different times. I was astounded to discover lime tubes of this quality still being carved in the late 20th century – I have been told by an experienced field collector that there are only one or two carvers of this standard who still exist in West Timor. These two can be considered an investment for the future. Heights cm 18 cm / 7 inches and 15 cm/ 6 inches.

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